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I just needed to respond to that. I never said Girardi was fired for losing Game 7, he was let go because of the way he handled certain players, in particular Gary Sanchez. I am a highly educated fan, so I am sorry if my post was a bit confusing. My point was, if Girardi can get let go (regardless of some of his communication problems) after making it to Game 7 of the ALCS, then what collateral does Bowles have that would warrant giving him another chance. I get what you're saying and yes, they were a lot more competitive then we thought they would be, but 5-11 in consecutive years isn't what we should settle for. I say go after Jack Del Rio!
Very true about Girardi. I guess for one more year, I am willing to ride with Bowles because of his relationship with the players. At least what we get to read talks about how respected and liked he is.

I couldn't even post yesterday, I was so hungover. No amount of gatorade would have helped. But some red wine did the trick