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    What's going on with the Pirates? They should've made a Cole trade already, even if it is not the Yankees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugepatsfan View Post
    I definitely think the Yankees will be in on Machado. I just don't think that because they showed exploratory interest this offseason that they necessarily prefer him to Harper in an either-or scenario though. I'm actually pretty skeptical of signing Machado to a huge deal. We're talking about a guy who's elite on the strength of his defense but has had surgery on both knees. I worry how he'll age on that end. Offensively he's never had an OPS higher than .876. Both OPS+ and wRc+ have him about 30% better than league average at the plate at his best. He's obviously an elite player overall but he's going to get a 10 year deal it seems. I worry how his defense will age. Coming off double knee surgery already I don't think it's out of the question that his defensive prime is short and if that's the case a mega-deal for him could get pretty ugly, pretty quick.

    Harper on the other hand plays a less demanding defensive position and is carried by his offensive game, which I trust to hold up over a mega deal better. I believe that major FA signings in this realm should be dictated by the player, not positional need. So even if 3B is a bigger need for NY next year, I'd still rather just go for the player I like better. I mean, we'd have the following lineup:

    C Sanchez
    1B Bird
    2B Torres
    3B Andujar
    SS Didi
    LF Harper
    CF Hicks
    RF Judge
    DH Stanton

    Hicks/Bird haven't put together full healthy and productive seasons yet but each show great flashes. Sanchez/Judge/Stanton/Harper are all established players (Judge does need to prove it over multiple seasons I guess but he also almost won MVP). Didi is a borderline all star. Torres obviously isn't proven at 2B but he's a top of the line prospect so I feel the general assumption is that he'll be good. So even if Andujar sucks and 3B is a huge hole, is it really a big deal. The other 8 guys are all proven or seem to be very good. All they'd need at 3B is someone who can field the spot and bat 9th. Heck, Harper would turn Frazier into surplus so he could always be trade bait for a 3B too. They could sign a guy like Daniel Murphy next year with Harper. They have options.

    At the end of the day it just really comes down to if you're signing a guy to 10 year deal at $30, maybe even $40M/year, first and foremost is you evaluation of the player. I feel as good as you can making that huge commitment with Harper. Machado... not so much. So for me, if the Yankees are dead set on signing one of them to a mega deal (which they can do and still be under the tax with the right combination of other moves) I just prefer Harper, regardless of fit. Move other pieces around to make the fit right.

    Honestly though, I'm not sure that going for Harper/Machado is the best path for the Yankees. Hal has been vocal about not thinking you need $200M payroll to win. If they don't intend to consistently be a top tier spender then allocating so much money to one guy might not be smart. Granted, as guys like Judge/Sanchez/Severino, etc. go through arbitration and hit FA we'll be shedding contracts like Tanaka/Chapman/Ellsbury/Gardner/Sabathia/D-Rob so the money will be coming off the books as we put it back on.
    Who do you think spends the money to get him then? I think its a pretty safe bet he gets 9 or 10 years as he'll only be 26 years old next offseason. That's right in the prime of his career. Am sure any deal will include an opt out (maybe multiple) which could expand his market some but there won't be a ton of teams in for 300 million dollars. If a 27 year old Jason Heyward got 8 years/180+ then Machado is certainly worth in the neighborhood of what Stanton got, especially if he transitions to SS where his bat becomes more valuable.

    This screams Yankees or Phillies imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade n Fade View Post
    What's going on with the Pirates? They should've made a Cole trade already, even if it is not the Yankees.
    It's the pirates. You know how they don't like to make trades at all....

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