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    pachyderm Guest


    As a Mid TN resident I can't say that I care that much.

    I'm more pissed that the Columbus Crew are moving.

    "Details regarding the new expansion club’s debut season and club name, colors and logo will be announced at a later date."

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    Mile High
    Columbus isn't a sustainable place for an MLS club, but neither is adding more teams. They should stop expansion and focus on building quality. And if they are expanding, Nashville wouldnt be towards the top of my list

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    Yeah, one would need some good time here to figure out what’s the thread about. Though, the changes in the team look interesting. Hope, the next season gonna impress and bring in some fresh faces. Wouldn’t want to bet my money in the next season without catching all the changes and getting to know major opinions. I am not an avid player though just make a few bets for fun and a bit of cash. I have got a few friends who do it more often and can advise on how not to burn the fingers. Here is a good list with the best betting bonuses so you can check it

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