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    Braves trade Matt Kemp to the Dodgers

    This is a big trade so it deserves it's own thread.

    We acquire Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir, Charlie Culberson, A-Gon and cash in exchange of Kemp.

    This is a great trade for us, we solved 3 problems, got rid of our worst player and opened up a spot for Acuņa, got a starter with a nice upside in McCarthy and got ourself our UTL guy, all that without adding any contract beyond 2018.

    This deal reminds me a bit of the Chris Johnson-Swisher/Bourn trade, the difference between them is that we have some upside here that can make us better in 2018. McCarthy is kinda underrated, if healthy he's an above average starter (big if though) so we can get something for him if we decide to trade him this summer, Culberson has a ver good glove and is not even arb-elegible yet.

    Best case scenario in a trade involving Kemp.

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    We smashed this.
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    Yeah I mean I'm all on board with this. If both Ps are healthy you potentially have two trade chips at the deadline who could be eating innings til the break when they call up some of the kids. Defensive LF will be better. You get Kemp's $$ of the books for next year. I think it was a solid win win for both.

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    Great move, although we take on a ton of payroll this year, it all comes off the books next year and will allow us to be serious players in a stacked free agency class.

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