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    A lot of talent on defense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krsonekth View Post
    NFL panel recommends 12 potential head-coaching candidates

    I like a few of the names on this list. Josh McDaniels, Mike Vrabel, and Dave Toub.
    I like Mike Vrabel and Matt Nagy. John Morton from the jets should gets some looks also

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    Quote Originally Posted by chibberaider View Post
    The defense is playing much better under Pagano. Suddenly top 10 in many categories since he took over.

    The offense can go right back up to top ten, top five even, with a competent OC. Downing proves game after game his complete idiocy, and utter disdain for our guys' strengths, and what works and what doesn't. He needs to go back to QB coach or hit the road. Jack needs to find a good OC or he can hit the road too.

    I strongly disagree. This team does NOT need to be blown up and start over.
    I dunno man. Its's looking like we're gonna finish 6-10, and that's completely unacceptable, considering we apparently have so much talent. Thing is, we really don't...LB position is a mess, Smith and Amerson are history, Conley still a big question mark so CB is a problem. Cooper had one of the most head scratching career nose dives I've seen, it's fair to wonder if he'll ever regain his form. Both OT positions need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Obviously we're not a disaster, but this team is nowhere close to being a contender, the Patriots completely destroyed us, Chiefs did the same with our season on the line and a chance to prove something, we're just not a good team.

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