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    Don't Draft A QB

    Sign Scott Poli as GM, and Josh McDaniels as HC and Bill Parcells who I believe is Poli's father-in-law, as either a consultant or President of Football operations.

    Find a LT in FA and restructure some contracts so to resign Pugh, Fulker and Richberg. Play Flowers at RT, Pugh and Fulker as guards and Richberg as C. Keep Jones, Jerry and Wheeler and the tackle from Pittsburgh as reserves.

    Draft Barkley from Penn State and LBs and DL in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft. While the OL as mentiined above might not be the best , it still could be pretty good and Barkley is a game changer. He is someone who does not come along very often and when he does you grab him. Barkley and Beckham as your 2 top offensive weapons could be devastating and add Shephard and Engram to the mix you could have a wow offense , especially with someone like McDaniels directing the show.

    Roll the dice with Manning for 2 more years and roll the dice with Webb as his future heir.

    Release Marshall, take the Cap hit but save money, release Vareen and whatever player can save money.
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