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    Cleveland-Orlando Trade

    Cleveland sends the Brooklyn pick, Thompson, Osman and Shumpert to Orlando for Vucevic and Fournier.
    The Cavaliers get an infusion of young firepower in an effort to keep LeBron. Vucevic and Fournier are both good values and in their mid-20s. They aren't liabilities on defense, and they spread the floor on offense.
    The Magic eat Thompson and Shumpert to get the pick and Osman, get younger and tank for another high pick two high picks in a top-loaded draft is better than one. In the meantime, they can see how much Gordon, Isaac, Payton and Biyombo can do.

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    Not so sure Fournier and Vucevic has the Nets pick value. Unless of course Lin and Russell are back soon and start winning even more to the point that pick is barely hanging onto #8 or #10 lottery. Then yeah it be kinda close trade then. But I doubt Gilbert parts with Nets pick unless LeBron picked up his player option.

    LeBron hasn't given any hint if he's staying yet. Also Shumpert could be considered negative value. Also Thompson contract isn't pretty for just a rebounder. Also John Hammond's first year as GM. Doubt he wants a rebuild. Hard to say. Maybe he does if he has leeway with the owners to tank out if they free fall. Magic had a hot start and free falling now. Season still young though.

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