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    Nebraska hires Scott Frost

    Source: Scott Frost has agreed to 7-year, $35 million deal with Nebraska, but in days leading up today’s AAC title game was still having some “serious cold feet & remorse.” @LarsAnderson71 previously reported contract figures
    Via Brett McMurphy's twitter

    As an outsider it is kinda annoying that this was announced during the UCF-Memphis OT but w/e, Nebraska gets their guy. Enjoy it.

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    and other teams burn with envy.

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    I really wish Oregon had hired him. He is a great coach. The big question he'll have to face at Nebraska is whether he can get primetime recruits as since Nebraska has moved to the Big Ten their main pipeline of Texas has sort of dried up. Still, he is in one of the easiest divisions so he should be able to starting playing for the Big Ten title game relatively soon if he can get past Wisconsin.

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