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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantsSwaGG View Post
    Thatís what Mara said he wanted done, Macadoo worded it as if it didnít matter if Eli played well he would get pulled
    Probably because I McAdoo wanted it his way - probably wanted Eli out and took advantage of the situation to try to impose his stupid will on the organization and on Eli.

    McAdoo called out Eli by name several times this year - had no problem throwing him under the bus and was obviously looking to blame him for a lot of the team's problems.

    There were 2 problems with that.

    1) History - Eli has done more for this organization than most players in its history. I don't care if he is done and you're ready to move on. There's a way to do it that allows everyone to handle things respectfully and peacefully. If after the season you decide to part ways, that's part of the game. McAdoo and Reese could not have handled it worse.

    2) Reality - Eli was far from this team's big problem the past few years. He was placed in an impossible situation by his GM who gave him swiss cheese to stand behind, by the atrocious lack of a run game for the past few years, and then by the loss of all of his passing targets. I don't know if there are many QBs who would thrive behind this line - maybe some special guys with great mobility. But it's hard to blame Eli for what was going on.

    Glad these 2 guys are gone.

    Don't worry. He's got this.

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