Saints, Vikes and Rams are all pretenders

Rams will never be a serious threat until they replace Goff. it will be their crutch for years bc they don't even know they need a QB. I am jealous of the HC they have though

Saints window is closing fast and they just don't have the talent

Vikings need a QB and it will be interesting to see what they do with the ones they do have. Dalvin Cook injury and the QB position is too much for them to overcome this season. I really don't like the overall talent even if they got a QB

I don't think any of those 3 teams come close to a SB anytime remotely soon

Jags to me are what should give people hope. they will have a hard time getting a franchise QB next season with their record but if they sell the farm for one it turns them into one of the top teams and they get Allen Robinson back

Broncos will win their division next year if they land a R1 QB. they have a crazy amount of talent

I hate NE

I love Deshaun Watson but his season before injury was overrated. he has a long ways to go and that team is very injury prone. will be a top AFC team if they manage to stay healthy though

Philly wont go anywhere. will just get better. the entire 2018 offseason will likely go to their defense and they get Sidney Jones back at some point. they aren't going anywhere for awhile

Seattle wont go anywhere for awhile either

Cowboys will bounce back with Zeke suspension over. what would really help them is if they got a WR opposite Dez Bryant like James Washington

I think the Giants bounce back. solid D. OBJ back. they just need Guice. HC sucks though

as for this season I think NE represents the AFC again. Pitt is the only team I can see beating them

as for the NFC it depends on who gets in the playoffs and who doesn't. I think the Eagles go to the SB but I will never count out Seattle even with Sherman injury bc of Wilson but if Atlanta makes the playoffs I actually like their chances because Philly has small CBs that will not match up well with Julio

KC needs to start Mahomes and save their season but they wont