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    McDermott names Tyrod the starter. Again..

    Well as stupid as it was, to take a chance on a 5th round rookie, while your team as the 6th seed, had an opportunity to win and become the 4th seed in the AFC, McDermott now goes back to Tyrod, as the team is now the 7th seed.

    Of course Bills fans everywhere should be happy they are going back to Tyrod, but what a horrible occurrence last week was. What a horrible opportunity wasted to finally get to the playoffs. With a win, and a likely win, without Tyrod spotting the Chargers 31 points off Turnovers like Peterman did in the first half, the Bills would have had a tie at the 4th seed with KC, who we play this week. We would have won the Tie Breaker over Tennessee by having a better conference record. While we are fighting to get back into the playoffs now, if last week never happened, even a loss at KC this week would have kept us in the playoff standings.

    Being a rookie coach is not an excuse. He has been on the sidelines for 30 years. He knows game day situations and he should know his personnel on the field. Being a rookie coach doesn't excuse him from costing us wins at Carolina and Cinci this year because he didn't realize he had to manage a game clock and being a rookie coach definitely doesn't excuse him from benching a 5-4 starter. Judging Peterman at practice, against the worse defense in the league, is not a sustainable body of work, to then think he can play in the NFL. In 3 straight games, 3 teams went 22 straight offensive possessions without punting on our defense. 2 teams set franchise records. Yet the way Peterman looked in practice against that group impressed McDermott enough to risk our season?? What a Jakcssa!

    The only way McDermott can possibly redeem himself to the owners, in order to keep his job next season, is to get into the playoffs. If the Bills miss the playoffs, the Pegula's will hear nothing this entire off-season except for how this decision killed us, as we are going into another year without a playoff appearance. He has already made us a mockery throughout the NFL, nothing will be talked about at all during this entire off season except for that one embarrassing decision. The Pegula's will want that topic to go away quickly and the only thing they can stop that, is to give everyone something else to talk about, which would be by hiring a new coach.

    I know people think it is absurd for a coach to be fired after only one year, but this is not a coach that just didn't get us to the playoffs. This is a coach that is to blame for 3 losses this season with his stupidity. So many 3rd and 15 draws leading to punts. Several times, in the red zone, McDermott took McCoy out of the game, so Fat Tolbert, his guy from Carolina, can get on the field. Simply allowing Tolbert to have a job, when he has more negative yard rushes than positive, along with Tolbert not completing a 3rd and inches in 4 straight games, prior to his injury. McDermott's entire body of work needs to be evaluated here and this organization doesn't have the time to sit back and hope that this rookie coach learn how to do his job.

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    The whole thing is just a debacle. I was worried he'd go with Peterman again. I wouldn't be surprised if he does next week.

    I'm mostly worried about the locker room at this point. If you're a guy like McCoy, entering probably the last year of your prime, why incentive is there for you to NOT hold out in the offseason? I understand that a new regime wants to come in and bring in their guys, but it was just too much turnover this year overall.

    Once they entered playoff contention, they traded Dareus and understandably so. But that was a blow to the defense. Benching Tyrod was a blow. And I never liked the Darby for Matthews trade in the pre-season.

    Most of all, they completely wasted a game last week. They had no shot when your QB throws so many picks early on. The Chargers are probably the better team, and who knows how they would have fared if Tyrod started the game, but we won't ever get to find out.

    Some guys in the NFL forum think that the move last week was made so the Bills can tank the rest of the season. I don't buy it. I think McDermott just wanted more of "his guys" to play. And a week later, even if they did try to tank, Tyrod is back starting and that "tank" failed miserably.

    I feel bad for Tyrod. I hope he signs with a team that actually wants him next year. The dude is a professional, and clearly can help playoff contending teams.

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    Iíll admit, I didnít mind trading Marcell and though with his salary, it was the best move for the team. But when I am wrong, I say i was 100% wrong. Iíll be one of the only ones on this forum that will say a player sucks or a player is good. You wonít get me teetering on the fence, so I wonít have to face judgement on my opinion ever. So with that said, Stats donít lie. Jax was the worst rushing team in the league with opponents rushing for 140 yards a game against them. They bring in Marcel, now 50 yards per game. When we had him, are Defense was stout. Then came the Jets, saints and Chargers and now we have 700 yards 11 rushing TDS in 3 games. And we are not facing elite backs. We played good rushing teams with Marcel here and never got crushed like this.

    What I never realized is, Marcel kept Hughes and Alexander, amongst a couple others, fresh. Marcel always had a couple guys either on him at once, or at the very least, caused a distraction enough to free up everyone else. With him we had sacks and turnovers, without him, we are seeing no sacks, no pressure at all and no turnovers. I donít remember the name of the player in Jax, but since Marcelís arrival, 3 sacks 3 ints. Players are better with him around, because he is the focal point on their minds. Itís of course understandable that me, and other fans didnít notice it, but McDermott should have knew this. He is the coach. This shouldnít have gone undetected with him or the GM.

    So just add this all to the entire shady body of work to McDermott and Beans resume. Some say Marcel was a locker room problem. Even if thatís the case and even if I would agree to get rid of the locker room cancer, that means nothing now, because by pulling Tyrod and throwing away the season, McDermott himself has become the locker room cancer. He has divided fans, the locker room and has made us a laughing stock around the nfl world. Hopefully he will be the next locker room cancer removed.

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    That is a mod-worthy post there sabers. Respect.

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