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    Uhh Blount isn't going anywhere
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    players forcing their way back to Patriots.

    I find it hilariously interesting that 2 players, who signed with the team as relatively big name free agents on 1 year contracts, Blount and Bennett, both left to other teams after getting some positive benefit from Playing under BB and TB. They thought they would cash in on the success they had here and sign big deals with other teams, only to realize that playing under BB and TB is a massive blessing, and essentially both forced their way back mid season, despite long term deals in Place with their previous teams. The grass wasn't greener on the other side I guess.
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    forcing their way back to the patriots? Bennett never asked to be waived. He said he was getting surgery and why wouldnt he with Green Bay's season being pretty much over? Why risk further injury on a lost season? He planned to get surgery and come back next year for Green Bay.

    After GB management put him on waivers he had the choice to play through the injury or get surgery. He thought his best chance at winning was coming to the Patriots and felt it was worth playing through the injury for the Patriots. Bennett will still get off season surgery, but when an opportunity to win comes knocking at his door, he took and decided to hold off on surgery.

    Plenty of players on superbowl contending teams play through injuries ans defer surgeries until the end of the season. I dont blame him at all for opting for surgery on a Green Bay team without aaron rodgers and Ty Montgomery. GB season is lost.
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    If Green Bay could steal a couple W's and Rodgers is able to come back around the end of the season, they could sneak into the playoffs. Unlikely, but possible.

    Will be interesting to see how the signing bonus battle unfolds.
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