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    Quote Originally Posted by mookiewilson View Post
    Thanks. I'm coming out of it, hopefully. I know CDC's version of mild is not being hospitalized, but this thing knocked me on my butt faster than Mookie himself could get to 2B on a single to RF. I don't consider this mild, I consider it severe.

    3 days of 100-101, bad chills, horrible cough which is still with me, headache, pounding head pain, chest pain, lovely shades of grey and green mucus being coughed up.

    Anything I do is a huge effort, takes a lot out of me.
    Get better soon Mook. Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone in the PSD Met forum as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zmaster52 View Post
    *oftentimes misguided

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    Lol I was being kind for the holidays

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    Shea Stadium
    Thanks. This thing has zapped all energy.

    Oxygen level is at 98 and temperature is 97. So good on that front.

    But literally no energy. I can easily fall asleep. Problem is, its not a quality sleep. More like dozing.

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