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Going to try a little exercise here: Can you tell us in your own words the CDC-recommended rationale for the quarantine?
Flattening the curve with a 2 week quarentine, so hospitals didn't get overun.
Fact hospitals need to have around 85 to 90 percent ICU beds filled to stay in business, so the constant update about ICU capacity is more nonsense
Not 6 months of shutdowns when there is a 99.4 recovery rate,
The goalposts keep moving, flatten the curve, then need cases down, then need a vaccine.
They say indoors is bad, but beaches are closed.
They say no crowds but riots are ok.
They no church because people are close and singing, but looters shoulder to shoulder yelling at police were ok
Fauci says wear a mask, but sits in the stands with others at the Nat game talking maskless.
Liquor stores can be open but AA is dangerous and forbidden.
They say kids aren't transmitters but schools need to close