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    Post Suns trade Bledsoe to Bucks for Monroe and protected first

    John Gambadoro‏
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    Details on pick - Suns only get pick in 2018 if it is between 11 and 16. If not it rolls over to 2019 where they would only get it if 4-16
    11:37 AM - 7 Nov 2017

    John Gambadoro‏
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    *@Gambo987 22m
    22 minutes ago

    If pick rolls over to 2020 it is protected 1-7. In 2021 the pick would be completely unprotected.
    That first round pick is heavily protected. Also Bucks have a second round pick in the deal in 2018 but that's heavily protected as well.

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    This site needs a 'thumbs up' feature and to be able to view tweets.

    Solid move all considering. The tank rolls on

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