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    Quote Originally Posted by PFISH91 View Post
    The Gruden talk is only going to increase big time after this debacle. We were never this bad under him, he had us as a respectable franchise before the team just got old on him IMO. However the main thing I do worry about with him is that he has been away from the game for so long, how will he adjust? Who is the hot coordinator we'll get if not him? Do we dare reach into college? Well my friends we will know the answers in 8 short weeks.

    Didnít we hit 5 or less wins 2-3 times in his time here? Not saying he didnít do good for us, but letís not act like we had a .500 team every year with Gruden.

    I liked Gruden and I believe we should have kept at least another year after back to back 9win seasons, but his time is done. He be crazy to leave his current set up for the head ache of coaching the Buccaneers again

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    It was pretty much playoffs one year, then back to last place, then playoffs etc. I agree though I think the Gruden talk is a lot of fan overreaction. Hoping we can land a good offensive minded coach to right the ship with Winston. I have always wondered why Todd Haley never got any interviews in recent years he seems to be doing a helluva job in Pittsburgh though is there a reason he isn't?? Bruce Arians wouldn't be a terrible choice IMO but I have major concerns about his health long term.

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