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    Quote Originally Posted by tunnicliffderek View Post
    Cleveland has the cap. a running game wont automatically make this team legit, investing heavy in OL doesn't either
    It's the cap ramifications Miami would take. Trading Suh, this off season, would give Miami $22 mil in dead cap. Do you not understand that? $22 mil in dead cap.

    Cleveland has a solid defense, a good o line and decent rbs with no qb or wr's.

    You realize Miami was at it's best last year when we were handing the ball off and Tanny was only throwing like 22 times maybe 25 max? Why is that?

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    An issue I have with Tannenbaum and this trade is the issue that Ajayi was traded b/c Gase didn't like Ajayi much and this extends to last year.

    So... If Gase wasn't going anywhere why wouldn't this team trade Ajayi during the draft/off-season when his value was highest? Maybe... IDK trade for a F'ing LG.

    I know this season is a wash, b/c Tanny went down. But hopefully this year just becomes about gaining experience at this point. We have 3 rookies starting on defense so hopefully this becomes a learning year for them.

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    this season was a wash even if Tannehill didn't go down. not like he was going to wake up one day and all of a sudden be good

    the only reason we were any good last yr is because Ajayi ran wild on the worst teams in the league and had lucky breaks in the end of every close game. Tannehill was better but he was still around average

    OL gets a lot of the attention and yes its bad but a great OL still makes us about a .500 team

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    Could you imagine if we had a back like Ajayi. Him and Drake would make a good tandem. They would allow us to depend more on our running game

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