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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudvayne91 View Post
    Maybe it was week 9 in 2015 that Brock got his start. I honestly canít remember. It feels like forever ago even though itís been less than 2 years. Iíll get a GT tonight or tomorrow afternoon. Nice to have some excitement again.
    It was week 11 in 2015 when Brock started his first game. We started 7-0 but then lost to the Colts and the next week was when we played KC and Manning threw 4 picks. Brock started the next week.

    There's some similarities though:

    -Brock started both times after we lost to the Chiefs.
    -Both of Brock's first starts will be on the road vs an NFC team (Last time was the Bears).
    -In the final game for both previous starters (Manning, Siemian), the Chiefs scored 29 points.
    -Both QB's he's replacing threw at least 3 interceptions
    -The next game after his initial start was and will be the Patriots

    Probably some more similarities tbh.

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    Can't be right all the time lol. I was right about Trevor though

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