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    The more I look at it, here is what I look at:

    Your GM needs to be a stats guy. The stats will help predict what a player will do over the course of a season, which will help you build that team.
    The Manager needs to be a communicator with the players, work on development while at the same time needing to predict how the current and next AB are going to go... well, though Stats will do a good job of predicting over the course of a season... the immediate future they are not as good at...

    Oh, some parts help... Like knowing that Giambi was a dead pull hitter, so move the infield around to defend him... that is an area help with stats.. and player X is dominated by pitcher Y.. but even that in a small sample of a single AB, can be proven wrong...

    I think the reality is, the FO wants a lapdog. Someone who will do what they want when they want... The rest is just sound bites to look good and save face. Joe did his own thing... after years of experience... which is sounds like the FO didn't like...

    why do I get a bad feeling about the upcoming season?
    My 3 Favorite teams...
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    I am a big Joe Girardi fan and I've never spoken out against him. However, I think he screwed up royally communicating with Aaron Judge in the middle of the season when Judge was obviously hurting and icing his shoulder and going throw a MLB record 37 games striking out. Any normal person would have rested him a day. I get it that it didn't help that Hicks was hurt and Ellsbury was either hurt or faking an injury, Castro was out and Holliday was also out. Just because you want your big thumper in the lineup, you still have to give him a day off if he is hurting. The same philosophy that he used so well with pitchers throwing baseballs and needing every fourth day off should have been used with a batter with a hurt shoulder having a day off from swinging his bat. To go 37 straight games without a rest is unbelievable. Instead of the cross your fingers approach and hoping that his swing would be there, Torreyes, Wade or Austin should have played a couple of games during that stretch.

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