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    Quote Originally Posted by UnderGodsArmor7 View Post
    Dumbest thing I keep hearing from ”fans”... only one that should be on the hot seat is the DC. HC is blamed because that’s his responsibility to be blamed when loosing, but he’s not the reason we loose. The team hates winning apparently and finds any way possible to lose, even when the coach has put them in great positions to succeed.

    If we get rid of the HC, this team deserves to be below .500 the next 3+ years
    We've been below .500 for the last 5-6 years and we're not trending up at all.
    I live in Atlanta and I listen to sports talk radio and when Koetter left the fans were not unhappy at all. The thing I heard the most was about his predictable offense. The screens that he loves and the misuse of the run game, sound familiar Bucs fans? The line I heard the most about Smith when he left was how fans were saying his defense didn't lead to sacs at all. In fact he was quoted as saying sacs don't matter and that his team was tough, which we all have seen from his defense it's not tough at all.
    I don't believe Licht should have to leave because he's gotten is the talent that we need and the weapons that we need. It's Koetter and his staff that are letting this team down and letting Licht down.
    As far as the Pewterreport article about Gruden coming here, I don't think that's a good idea at all. First of all nostalgia never works, look no further than Lovie Smith coming back. Second he's got a nice cushy job at ESPN that pays him 5mil per year, why would he leave that behind to come coach a bad Bucs team.
    Also for those that wonder why we should keep Koetter let's look at it a different way, Atlanta hired Quinn the same time we hired Koetter and they've been to the Super Bowl while we're still mired in mediocrity.

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    I don't know who we should get but as for the nostalgia I'll say at least I always thought Gruden was a good coach something I never thought of Lovie. But the Quinn comment is very very telling, hell someone tell McVay he's not supposed to be this good.

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