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I mean that's already false considering Curry was easily the best player on a 73-win Warriors team without KD and the team has not reached that level since. He also did this while going through OKC with KD. Let me know when those guys, besides LeBron, have one or two historically great seasons under their belts.

I get what you're saying about him defensively, but hes so elite offensively that it really doesn't matter. What other player on that list changed the game completely. Outside of LeBron, he's easily the most transcendent player of the bunch. Also, he's gotten to a level where his defense is actually average. Not sure we can say he's a poor defender anymore. This is just another example of narratives sticking, although they have been proven false, like Westbrook being a good defensive player when the truth is he's just as average and is hit or miss.
Best payer on a 73 win team...So what. How is that relevant to the discussion? Most transcendent? Wow, a guard who shoots 3's extremely well is transcendent now...my goodness. AD and KD can easily be seen as just as transcendent. They were the 1st bigs to do what they do. What 6 11' guy can dribbled and created their own shot the way they do, not to mention the top rated D they bring.

According to the bold. How is he such a good scorer that his D doesn't matter??? That's crazy talk and thinking Curry is better than KD is proof that you guys see a different game than the rest of the world. Curry isn't even the best scorer on his team.