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    I think putting Cutler back in when he gets healthy is the wrong move. the game against the Jets is evidence that Cutler is nowhere near Moore. put Cutler back in and the offense goes back to struggling. he struggled against the Jets. a miracle catch by Stills and Jets penalties are what moved the ball. Moore just knows the offense better and has better pocket awareness. Moore also makes Ajayi more relevant. Cutler unfortunately is done. he was ok at one point in his career but he is done. feel its just throwing away the season if you put him back in

    I have never seen Tannehill control a game like Moore yet. maybe they still believe in him and go in a different direction idk. me wanting Lamar is 50% just wanting a QB and 50% the fit. Lamar isn't projected to go high so we will have a shot at him

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    Qb rating means nothing. Its a made up mathematical formula put together by stat men to try and justify statistics. In game wise its meaningless. A QB throws a 6 yard completion on 3rd and 7 looks good in the statistics and the QB rating but game wise its a negative.

    I would rather Moore be the QB going forward including next season but regardless if its Tannehill or Moore I want the Dolphins to draft a QB and I dont mean in the 7th round.

    I am expecting unless Moore takes us deep into the playoffs that Tannehill if healthy will be the starting QB next season. It seems like Gase to a fault is overly loyal except to Moore.

    If Moore plays well the next 2 weeks I think you will see a revolt if Cutler is given the starting job back. Its obvious the home town fans at the game don't want Cutler. I am betting the players like Moores energy over Cutler. I know its not just me that saw the energy level team wide went up with Moore in the game over Cutler. With Cutler it seem like everyone was on downers. How can 1 QB wait til 1 second on the clock to hike the ball in what seem like every play?
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