If any of you like nba2k, the NBA and take 2 have joined forces to create an NBA2k League. 17 NBA teams have decided to start this and the Jazz are one of those teams. The draft happened yesterday and the season will start next month. All the games will be view-able via twitch. I have a feeling though, that this is being pushed more by take 2 than the NBA as there's no official website yet (they seem to think twitter is sufficient for fans, which is stupid). As such for the life of me I can't find the season schedule, and it starts in a few weeks....

But, there you have it, Utah has a team, the website is located here


So a little more info on this for ya.

The players are getting paid for their stay in Utah. Take 2 is the first business to make an e-sports league and pay all the e-sports players. The players are also getting free room and board along with meals and everthing paid for in full while they are playing for us. The winning team will receive 1 million bucks split among the roster. They have a GM and coach as well. They are also affiliated directly with the Utah Jazz. So I'm assuming they will be in contact with the Utah Jazz team.

The thing that kicked this off, was Adam Silver went to a League of Legends tournament and saw the arena filled with people cheering them on. Silver wasn't sure what was going on, but loved the venue and what was going on, and wanted the NBA to do something similar. He felt that they had the perfect situation to put an e-league together, and they've been planning this for a couple years now.

The NBA2kLeague Draft was held yesterday, it was 6 rounds, I don't know if we'll keep our players for more than a year or what will happen with that, but for now our roster will stick together until at least August. It will be something we can watch during the summer for sure while our main season is no longer going.