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    Feb 2011
    It's just all completely unacceptable. There is plenty of suggestion that Dirk is Losing the team, and I really hope it's not true. I am tired of the 2 and done coaching carousel. I don't want Koetter gone, but if he loses the locker room, we have no choice.

    L. David has really re-established himself as our most consistent defensive player. Kwon had his worst game as a pro. Conte should never be on the field over Ward. NEVER! Ths defense is losing this season for us and our only shot is winning our next 2 games, and starting 2-0 in the division. We are one loss away from the players giving up on the season imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwallstreet View Post
    72.72 Comp Pct
    384 yards
    3 TD
    1 INT

    How much better does he have to be? 80%, 90% com pct? 500 yards, 5 TD?
    He had a decent game but if it wasnít for Jackson and Evans, Winston would have thrown 3INTs

    Winston is all over the place at times. He can throw a pin point pass around 3 defenders one moment and then canít hit a wide open receiver with out them slowing down or over thrown.

    He doesnít need to clean up his decision making. Mistakes happen to HOF QBs so itís not practical to expect him to be perfect, but some mistakes are beyond dumb and should have been corrected last year.

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    Mar 2013
    Iím as frustrated as anyone, especially when I see a lack of effort, missed tackles, missed assignments, etc, but I donít understand how anyone can complain about Winston.

    Did you all forget Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Josh Johnson, Josh McCown, Luke McCown, Jeff Garcia, Josh Freeman, Byron Leftwich, Mike Glennon, Dan Orlovsky, Brian Griese, Shaun King, Trent Dilfer....?

    I mean, Brad Johnson won a Super Bowl but Iíd still rather have Winston. He has some things he needs to work on, but holy cow - be grateful! Every week Iím thankful I donít have to watch the kind of trash Iíve watched at QB for two decades.

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    Apr 2015
    Lot's of frustrations the past few weeks personally. I have been internally burning with the disappointment in this team. Hopefully things start to turn around here. Here's a few positives:

    Only Philadelphia has less than 2 losess out of 32 teams. Only Cleveland, San Fran and the Giants have no more than 1 win. This league is very, very tight this year.

    Atlanta looks way off and completely out of sync.
    Carolina looked absolutely atrocious in Chicago.
    New Orleans is on fire.

    Carolina Sunday is an absolute must win... At 2-5 we would have to go 7 and 2 to squeeze into a Wild Card spot and last year that didn't even work.

    We win Sunday, we are at 3-4 with a massive game at New Orleans the following week. At that point anything can happen with 1 division win and some momentum.

    It's not over yet, but Sunday is a MUST.

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