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    Suggested FA Signings

    To preference this post, I don't see us making any big signing in free agency so I am looking for low end fillers or vet's that might be traded for prospects come the trade deadline. With that in mind, here a few I would like Avila to look at:

    1. Jarrod Dyson, CF, LH- He's a LH bat to pair with Jones/Mahtook in CF. He has speed on the base paths which is what I've wanted since Comerica was opened. Could provide a nice prospect piece trade at the deadline. He only made $2.8M last year and would expect about the same this year.

    2. Eric Young, Jr., CF, LH- Another vet LH bat to pair with Jones/Mahtook. He only made the MLB minimum but did pretty decent last year. Made the minimum with the Angels so he would also come cheap.

    3. Jon Jay, CF, SH- A switch hitter who did pretty well with the Cubs. Doesn't steal as much as I like but gets on base (.374) and is good defensively. Made over $7M last year so would have to come down a bit for us to be interested. Again, would be a nice trade piece later on.

    Pitchers: There are a number of guys that would be worth a flier. Here's my choices:

    1. Jhoulys Chacin, RH (29)- made $1.75M and did pretty well last year.
    2. Trevor Cahill, RH (29)- made $1.75M and can pitch in the pen or starter but produced two trades last year for prospects.
    3. Brett Anderson, LH (29)- when he's healthy he's darn good. Only made $3.5M so he's a cheap investment and could reap rewards if he stays healthy.
    4. Jesse Chavez, RH (34)- made $5.75M and is versatile with value at the trade deadline
    5. Josh Tomlin, RH (32)- another versatile guy who is cheap $2.25M
    6. Eovaldi (27)/Pineda(28)- both RH and coming off injuries but healthy they could provide huge value. I'd suggest a two year contract with options. Could turn into big trade values.
    7. Tyler Chatwood, RH (27)- good innings and low cost ($4.4 last year)

    Others to look at:
    Jon Niese (31) LH- minimum
    Tyson Ross (30) RH- minimum
    Hector Santiago (29) LH- $8M but down year
    Chris Tillman (29) RH- $10M but will be at minimum
    John Danks (33) LH- coming off TJ surgery
    Doug Fister (33) RH- $1.75M
    Dillon Gee (31) RH- minimum
    Miles Mikolas (29) RH- coming back over from Japan

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    I think Jhoulys Chacin would be really good hear. He would be the 4th or 5th starter, but he's not awful...which tbh is what you want.

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    I like the idea of signing vets to trade like Oakland does, or used to do. I mean lots of teams probably do but Oakland always comes to mind.

    I wanna stock ****ing pile

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