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    Is it Personnel or Scheme?

    To me this defense has talent, but the talent does not fit the scheme! Gilmore butler rowe mccourty and chung, That is alot of talent in a secondary, so it cant be personnel.

    To me the issue is the front 7, but even that. We have flowers, a legit pass rusher, wise up and coming pass rusher, branch and brown in the middle, to me that need to rush these guys more and takr more risk, and hopefully force QBs into mistakes. I know with taking risks u risk giving up big plays, but we are giving up big plays anyway with our bend and BREAK defensive scheme!

    The LBs are our clear weak spot, really because Hightower cant stay healthy. But he is aggressive and needs to be unlessed.

    My point is this defense is more suited for aggression then reserve, especially in the front 7. The secondary needs help from the front 7 , and we take no risk with the front 7 to force mistakes.
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    It's both.

    DB: In the secondary we have lots of money, some great athletes (not Chung), and one guy that doesn't seem to get much. Coaching has to make these guys pull as a team.

    LB: Harris who was brought in to play 1st and 2nd down for perhaps 18-24 plays a game so Hightower could get a blow or go play outside has been a colossal bust - with 3 snaps all season so far. He seems to be done.

    I believe Hightower has to come back to MLB, so that he can settle down the team on the field. On the end he's not the 'green' guy.

    DL: There is some young guys at DL, but that unit isn't too bad, with better play behind them they should get into at least an average line rating.


    Bill has too many ST'ers. Only six plays last week were contested. Ebner can't play DB. I'd rather a less elite ST guy that can play. Not much help now, but....
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    I think you got Grissom and Wise mixed up. Grissom is bad.

    Communication is a big issue. It's sloppy and McCourty/Hightower need to be directing guys and making sure everything is settled. They are the leaders.

    Defensively we are underperforming, no doubt. In the offseason I didn't see this D as capable of being anything more than average this year, which is fine because average+our O should be good enough. They certainly aren't playing like an average D as of now though.

    Looking toward the future on ways to improve the unit to above average: We need a DL playmaker, a LB playmaker and a replacement for Chung. Ideally the DL is a pass rusher, the LB is a coverage specialist and the
    Chung replacement can have a season to learn under him and spell him for parts of the game. Richards was supposed to be that guy, but he's a bust.
    Now, Butler and Cyrus Jones have thrown a wrench in my ideal 3 needs. Cyrus you can't rely on at all atm and Butler may be leaving so we might have to pick a CB mid-high, ugh. Someone needs to grab that slot spot next to Gilmore and Rowe. We'll be lacking cap space too if we are able to work something out with JimmyG long term, unless Brady leaves and he takes Brady's cap.
    We also owe Philly a 3rd/4th rounder depending on if Rowe plays 50% of the snaps or not. This bears monitoring.
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    I wonder if rumors are true, that Jabal Sheard is available. Might be worth trying to reaquire him via trade, he would help tremendously with our weak LBs, and we know he excelled in our system and he would give us ability to keep Hightower at MLB! And please can we bring back Ninkovich

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    Any thoughts on signing NaVorro Bowman, or is he done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elements1985:31908356
    Any thoughts on signing NaVorro Bowman, or is he done?
    I would love to sign him, but heard rumor he wants Oakland, and it is just across the Bay and he wouldnt have to uproute his family.

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