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    Looking forward to the Carolina game. Short week will be tough but at least both teams are having that same problem. It's an away game but it's not a long travel or time zone shift.

    To beat the Panthers, the Eagles are going to need to get to Cam. The Panthers have given up 15 sacks so far which is tied for the 9th most in the NFL (5 behind the leader in Houston). For as good as Cam has been this year, he does have 5 picks on the season. They aren't the best rushing team but Cam and McCaffery in the run and short pass game are key to stop. The linebackers will be key to this matchup for the birds.

    Eagles need to keep controlling the clock. Still 2nd in plays per drive. 3rd in time per drive (Carolina is 2nd). The Panthers have only averaged 194 pass yards against per game which is 5th best in the NFL. They don't cause many turnovers though as they are still allowing the 8th worst passer rating against and are 6th worst at creating turnovers per drive. They've created the 3rd most sacks though at 17 on the season. They're about middle of the pack in yards against per rush attempt and 7th best in rush yards per game. That has a lot to do with them controlling the ball. They are 8th best in points allowed per game.

    They have allowed over 300 passing yards the last 2 games though when they allowed under 200 their first 3. I think the only really good team they've beaten so far was the Lions. I don't know what's up with the Pats right now and they lost to the Saints at home (division game but Saints are notoriously terrible on the road). This game is going to be a test for both teams.

    Linebacker play, pressuring Cam, and another rushing lead game is what's going to win this for the Eagles.
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    I'll have the Carolina IGT sometime this afternoon. It won't have that Bdizzle stank on it though as it will be used in the main too.

    The ONLY hashtag that even matters now...

    #15Points, #Steamrolled, #NotEvenCapable, #SeasonsOver, #WellDeserved, #YouWon’tBeatATL, #YouWon’tBeatMIN, #YouWon’tBeatNE, #Blowout, #Classless, #Trash, #7YearsAway, #Can’tRun, #Overrated, #BulletinBoard, #StoryTime, #Underdogs, #Snoozefest, #LeakedParade, #NotInTheSameUniverse

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