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    Quote Originally Posted by CodeRed View Post
    I think new regimes just prefer good players that fit their scheme.
    Indeed, and marginal players who are paid a lot more than the youth behind them are moved because the new regime is safe for at least a year and saving the owner money can get you a 2nd year almost automatically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftymo View Post
    This will definitely change throughout the year but as of this minute... top 5 QB's.

    1. Alex Smith (it won't last) 132. 7
    2. Tom Brady 121.5
    3. Jared Goff 118.2
    4. Drew Brees 109.7
    5. Kirk Cousins 105.3

    That's the elite side of things.

    Here's the SUCK side of things.

    5. Cam Newton 69.7
    4. Andy Dalton 69.6
    3. Carson Palmer 65.6
    2. Joe Flacco 65.2
    1. DeShone Kizer 53.2
    Palmers o-line is playing like garbage. He was already int prone and now when he tries to go deep there's defenders all over him.

    If our defense can't get sacks and an int or two next week then we're in trouble. I don't care if we lose but if we can't pressure/sack Palmer we have some issues on our d-line. I know we need an edge rusher but still...

    IMO our top priority this year should be an improved defense.

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