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    JAson Terry: Not Retiring Yet

    Vince Carter is getting a lot of love for signing on another year, but to be honest, I feel like the Jet is just as, or perhaps more, impressive.

    He just signed a 2.3 million dollar deal.

    Both he and Carter were children of 77, but Carter was a top five pick (though both were lottery picks: Jet at 10 the following year), and was an 8-time All-Star. Terry never made an All-Star team, so the fact he's still kicking around at age 40 is pretty impressive in my book.

    He was also shooting better than Carter last year (a career high .427 from the arc over VC's .378 which is also impressive).

    I think given all the love VC's been getting for staying in the game for so long, we should give up a some love to the Jet as well.
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    Terry sorta sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycericanguy View Post
    well unfortunately it looks like you were right about Bargs...

    but hopefully we can use his expiring, if not at least we unloaded Novak's deal...

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    He's more less a players coach. I hope his minutes get trimmed down this year. I wanna see more Vaughn and Brown. Kidd is close buddies with Jet. So i'm sure more favoritism will be happening yet again. Also with Parker back in February sometime. Parker will be back to SF. That shifts Middleton down to SG. Then Snell benched for a wing. Then Jet done probably. Other then spot minutes in back to back games if some are tired or injured.

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