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I really do think Waynes isn't long for being a starter but on that last play you are talking about, the WR was looking into the back field and started to slow down a little bit before gassing by him. It caused Waynes to start peeking into the backfield and he got burned. Thats on him though.
Re-watch it. Waynes doesn't hesitate until he sees the side-judge throw the flag in the air. Then he hesitates just a beat before turning to run. I'm not trying to defend that play. He made a mistake. I just want people to take a step back. This is Waynes' first season as a full time starter. He is going to make stupid mistakes. Rhodes made a lot of these same mistakes and there was a lot of talk about him being a bust before the light bulb went on for him. There is no substitute for playing time and Waynes hasn't gotten a lot of it.