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    The Patriots are an enigma and they can not be compared to any of NFL team in the league.

    Again I give you the New Orleans Saints.

    2016: #1 YPG, #2 PPG 7-9 record
    2017: #1 YPG, #3 PPG 8-2 record

    The difference?

    2016: #16 RushingPG, #27 YPG allowed, #31 PPG allowed
    2017: #3 RushingPG, #13 YPG allowed, #9 PPG allowed

    Yes the QB matters, but when everything else around them is terrible it doesn't.

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    I wish you dudes could have seen my dude cutty be fun to watch like he's always been.

    Just not the same dude out there for you dudes.

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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    One of the biggest disappointments on this offense is Parker.. he's had an OK season but hasn't shown that number 1 elite ability like he was suppose to flash. Obviously the Oline isn't great and either is the qb but we all knew that going into the season.
    Defensive line hasn't been dominant either and it's probably

    Howard has show flashes of shut down ability and we have 2 good looking safeties.
    Next year get the LB back and we have some young guys with solid potential on the Dline to replace these old over paid guys
    Just have to stop avoiding the Oline and hope the Dline can grow into something without wake and suh

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    Quote Originally Posted by KodytheKing View Post
    So a few things, Plague

    You used raw stats to say that the Vikings oline wasn't that good in their first 2 games of the season. One of those game Bradford played with half a leg.

    You also mentioned that Gase has a conservative offense even though last year we had one of the best offenses in the NFL in terms of Big plays. It was actually a major problem with our team that we weren't consistent. Gase wants the offense to be explosive, it's why we kept Stills. The problem is that Cutler can't be trusted to throw deep consistently because I throws into double coverage and he throws an awful deep pass at this point in his career. He brought Cutler in because he thought he could still run a consistent quick strike offense like he did in Chicago. Everyone who actually watched the 2015 tape of those two together mentioned that Gase limited Cutlers impact to a quick and efficient QB. If you had watched that tape you would have seen that Cutler didn't throw deep often that year at all.

    You're right that Gase doesn't trust Moore to stay within the play. And at this point why should anyone trust Moore to do that? We've all seen the awful INTs he throws because he's trying too much. Hes basically what everyone thinks Cutler is. You can't win consistently with him. He s a great spark plug but he's not consistent.

    No one is arguing that this season has been good. Gase deserves plenty to blame. But it's so frustrating that one year after leading an insane, unsustainable playoff run, that we would suddenly turn on Gase 2 years after taking the ****** roster that Philbin created. Some teams get lucky and can have an insane turn around like the Rams have had this year, but for most teams it takes a few years. Everyone was saying when Gase got hired that if he could make the playoffs by year 3 then it would be a success. Well hes already done that. And now he's had a year with more off the field stuff then I've seen since I started watching the team. It's ok to be angry, but not everything needs to be a nuclear reset.
    Everything else we have beaten to death so I will talk about last season.

    Last season we had a season where all the late game breaks went our way. We went 10-6 with a -17 point differential. We won a lot of late games with heroics. Last season was really a fluke season. We had one of those seasons with Sporano and then we never made the playoffs again. My fear is we are following the same path. I feel like we are downgrading in talent and I personally don't have confidence in his gameplanning. It seems like his whole strategy is too shorten the game and then win with a late game winning drive. I don't think thats a winning strategy. My feeling is next season will likely be Gase last season.
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    Have they returned a punt this year that didn't get called back for a hold?
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    Finally everyone is in agreement that we need OL help badly! I just hope the FO sees this as well and drafts starting material, not depth. Jesse Davis looks like he is a good find and could be a starting OG for us next year, along with Larsen. We need a new RT for sure. JJ is not getting the job done and I don't want him back at close to $10M. I have my heart set on Orlando Brown. That would make our OL instantly better. If not him, then I want to add another nasty prospect in Christian Wilkins. I'm not sold on QB in rd 1 just because I believe Tannehill is good enough to lead us to playoffs and beyond (with a good OL and good defense in place).

    I don't think Wilkins will be there when we pick as I think he will make it top 6 or 7. But man o man would he be nasty next to Suh. Dominant. Phillips is very inconsistent and I'm not sold on him.

    1st OT Orlando Brown or DT Christian Wilkins
    2nd QB Ryan Finley or OG Billy Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade-a-minute View Post
    We must, I mean MUST find a young franchise QB. Tannehill is an average starting QB and WAY better than Cutler, but at his age and based on what we've seen so far, he's not leading you to the promise land either.

    We cannot become the Browns who can't find a franchise QB. But I'm afraid we are becoming that team. Not one good QB since Marino.

    It's hard watching teams like Philly w/Wentz, LA w/Goeff, Houston w/Watson, etc... Teams that now have their franchise QB and a bright future.

    Please Dolphins, get a franchise QB in the upcoming draft. That's our only hope for a future. Yes we need a defense, yes we need a good O-Line... But first and foremost, we must strike gold on a QB.

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    I don't think Goff is a franchise QB. Watson is still having accuracy issues but if he fixes it up some he can be one

    It is hard watching Wentz knowing how good he is but Matt Moore to me is better than Goff and Watson. only diff is Houston has great skill players and they maximize Watson's athleticism in the play calling

    agree #1 priority is getting a franchise QB

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