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    I'm super happy for him. Really annoyed that we couldn't get at least 1 of the ones that we went to. UGHHHHHH.

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    As I watch JV keep going, I just think of how snowed I was when we traded him. The trade just looks worse and worse as it goes on. As you can see, most of us praised the deal or accepted the deal but here's what it comes to now:

    Franklin Perez- The star of the deal. Well, only 9 starts in 2 years later and he sports a 5.33 ERA, only 27 innings, and 20K/13BB average. Some were already touting him as a "bullpen" arm so he had to really perform well to make this trade a win. Key here is perform and you have to do it when your on the field.

    Daz Cameron- Was supposed to be our future CF of the future but he has steadily regressed since coming over to the point of a AAA year of .214 BA, .330 OB/.377 slugging and what I was excited to see, his speed on the bases, is falling off as well with only 18 SB and getting caught 8 times.

    Jake Rogers- Best defensive catcher in the minors. Well, as I said at the time of the trade, if he can't hit it doesn't matter. Well, he's not hitting- .223 at AAA and .125 MLB and his slugging is horrible as well .458/.259. What's worse is he isn't getting on base either now .321/.222 as he use to be in the .340+ range.

    Can't crush AA for the injury to Perez but when you trade a future Hall of Famer, you have to hit on the star of the deal or even maybe just one guy in the deal. He hasn't done either here and it's crushed our rebuild. The only good thing is that they are all young but that is countered by having to put them on our 40 man roster this year (I believe for all of them). How do you justify that with all three having some severe warts? AA is going to have to make room for them though, otherwise, the trade looks even worse than it does already.

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