All joking aside. I posted this at the main board for a few laughs. But heck why not. Always hear people wanting Giannis to ditch us on the main board. Heck AD could ditch LA if things don't go right. After all he does have a player option to opt out of this summer. Also we were one of AD destinations for trade.

Also lives in Chicago. Not far off the highway from Milwaukee. Maybe 90 minutes. Kinda like when KD said he'd sign with Warriors. Then they salary dumped a few guys. Heck we could waive nonguaranteed Ersan and bring him back at vet minimum. Ersan is $7M off the books. I'm sure other teams wouldn't mind eating Brooks $12.6M. Hills $9.5M. Waive Bender $1.8M. Let RFA Brown walk $2M caphold. Dump Wilson $4.5M. That's $37.4M. Just saying. But doubt AD leaves. Unless they fall off badly early in the playoffs and we win it all. But a bit risky AD always seemed to get injured. Also AD would want to play at Giannis PF spot.