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    But middleton isn't restricted. There's no reason to sign and trade for the other teams or middleton. If middleton wants to go somewhere, he can just sign the contract and he's gone.

    Sign and trades get messy. If he signs with us and a trade falls through, then it could lead to alot of animosity between the sides.

    The only way a sign and trade makes sense typically is if a team that's over cap wants him. Most teams have cap this summer, so that's not likely the case. Maybe if his FA drags out we can pull off a sign and trade after a team signs a few free agents. But that seems unlikely as well since middleton will likely want to sign quickly to avoid missing out. It's unlikely hes willing to wait until most teams use their cap.

    Sign and trades are doable and we absolutely could do one with middleton by rule. But it's just generally unlikely. He has no reason to do us a favor and an opposing team has no reason to want to pay him a big deal and give up assets for him. So we could potentially do a sign and trade swap with indy for bogdanovic, but they have the cap space, so they'd be doing us a favor in that case by allowing us to not renounce mirotic to basically sign bogdanovic. And since they have cap space, it wouldn't do them any good. So there's no incentive for indy to do us that favor.

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    My fear, as you can all tell, is that Middleton making that much money doesn't produce any better than he has this season. Maybe I come off as a hater, but at this point I don't consider him to be much more effective than even Sterling Brown. I certainly don't think he's better than Brogdon. Seems like he's destined to get another one of those forced into contracts that a team will instantly regret.
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    Brogdon and middleton are asked to do different things though too. Even though he's a forward compared to brogdon as a guard, middleton gets more assists and has a higher assist percentage.

    And as he showed in the playoffs last year, he's one of the few guys capable of going off script to get himself a look. The majority of brogdon looks are assisted. In fact, just under 50% of his 2s are and just over 80% of his 3s are assisted. Middleton is just over 30% on 2s and just under 60% on 3s. That's valuable in the playoffs. At some point in the post season, you need guys that can get buckets. We have giannis to do that to an extent. But not much else. The reason guys like brogdon and Bledsoe are efficient this year is because they aren't being tasked with that. But come playoff time we will need that skillset once defenses really start to clamp down.

    One of the things middleton does moderately well is be a bit of a chameleon. And by that I mean he's a guy who can play off the ball when giannis is in the game but play on the ball when he isn't. There's not many guys who can do both at a decent level. And finding a guy like that was something GMs could never do around LeBron.

    Lebrons teams won because they were so much more talented than other teams. LeBron and wade and LeBron and kyrie were actually terrible fits. None of them could play off the ball. But both sets of guys were so talented that it didn't matter. Giannis is very similar to LeBron in the type of team you need to build around him. So we either need to find a crazy amount of talent or actually build a good fitting team around giannis.

    And they hardest part about building around guys like giannis and lebron is when they are on the floor, you need to have a whole mess of shooters in the game. Most of the time those shooters aren't guys who can also create off the dribble. So when giannis or lebron sit, the offense stagnates because no one can play on the ball and create at all. And that's where guys like middleton come in. He legit can shoot it well enough to play off giannis, but he can also iso, pick and roll and create for others well enough in stretches where giannis takes a breather. Bledsoe has some of that in him too, but guys like brogdon, mirotic and others don't have a ton of that in them. They are much better off as part of an offense and without needing a ton of touches.

    I'm very interested to see how this team plays in the playoffs. The playoffs are no joke and teams legit start to fully gameplan. Defenses get better and more intense. It's sort of been bud's kryotonite. His offenses have been good in the regular season but he hasn't been able to get that success in the post season. Obviously he's never had a player of giannis caliber, but we are going to need more than giannis to be successful and it's going to involve more than just getting looks within the regular offense.
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