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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket View Post
    if I'm a GM, I'm looking to add a HOF WR at a discount. esp when the GM of the Lions is saying we need legit play makers for Stafford. i've been following AB on snapchat for awhile, although the man says some crazy things. he's always training, working out, getting better. his work ethic is undeniable.. it will help him continue his run. Lol you can't gurad this dude man, single coverage, double coverage, safety help... he always finds a way to get open. WR is a position we need to fill

    "i'm sure there are FA WR's on the market" ... lol sure if we want to settle for being mediocre
    I'll restate it. The steelers had AB last year and didn't even make the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizardking13 View Post
    I'll restate it. The steelers had AB last year and didn't even make the playoffs.
    that team is a dumpster fire with no stability/accountability. i'm not surprised that they didn't make the playoffs

    it's rare that you ever see a HOF WR available. WR is a position of need for us. not many ppl are talking about it, but for damn sure we need to upgrade. i'm not sure who else you could add at the WR position right now that would help you as much as AB so idk why you're under-valuing his overall impact.

    He'll prob end up going for a 1st rounder. every team is interested. BQ boldest move was signing Marvin Jones so it won't happen. If I was Stafford I would be telling BQ to go get AB... but knowing Stafford he probably has no idea he's even on the block or gives a ****

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