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    born and raised on the south side of Chicago.
    Quote Originally Posted by joeyc77 View Post
    Yeah that was buffoonery on my part.

    The insult still stands.
    What was it again... I was to busy laughing at you.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrPoon
    man with hair like fire can destroy souls with a twitch of his thighs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-ross12 View Post
    Haha I agree. Losers don't get statues. I've made my stance on this issue I believe. Let it be a local issue. Someone in Alaska or California shouldn't get a say / care what statue resides in Alabama.
    Only problem is that we're taking about statues dedicated to domestic terrorists. Every single soldier that fought against our country was such. They were pardoned but that doesn't mean they didn't attack us and our country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flips333 View Post
    What was it again... I was to busy laughing at you.
    To busy or too busy? Grammar on the inter webs is hard.

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