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    Apr 2010
    San Francisco, CA
    Quote Originally Posted by warfelg View Post
    Don't go it. Some team is going to lose out on their top QB to injury (happens every year) and you are ripe to rape in a trade.
    I did it. I'll try to snag him back.

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    Oct 2006
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    12 Team .5 PPF

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    WR: Brandin Cooks
    WR: Jarvis Landry
    WR: Brandon Marshall
    RB: Devonta Freeman
    RB: Marshawn Lynch
    TE: Melanie Walker
    FLEX: Akeem Hunt
    K: Matt Bryant
    DEF: New England

    -Martellus Bennet
    -Willie Snead
    -James White
    -Chris Hogan
    -Dion Lewis (will be dropping for a waiver wire pickup)
    -Donta Foreman

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    Sep 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingsfan0845 View Post
    Those are some pretty wild scoring rules. I like when leagues incorporate different ideas into the scoring.

    I like your team as well. Howard and Gurley give you 2 bell cows. D Thomas, Allen and Garcon should catch at least 80 balls each. Olsen is the ole reliable tight end. Martin and Gillislee give you good upside on your bench and possible trade bait. I've been trying to take them in as many leagues as I can. Martin has a chance to be a 3 down back and Gillislee is far more talented than Blount in the same role. If Bortles or even Henne amount to anything close to decent Robinson can be solid. If he was with a good QB he would be a stud. I've never done an auction league before but I'm willing to bet you have one of the better teams.
    Yeah, I was very happy with my team. I don't have a top elite player like DJ/AB/Bell etc but I feel like my depth is extremely good. I wanted to get two bell cows like you said, and I'm very happy having Martin and Gillislee as my #3 and #4. Allows me to potentially sell high on Gurley before the rough part of his schedule hits.

    I love Robinson the player, but the situation he's in is very concerning. At the time he was nominated I only had DT and KA and he was the last #2-#3 WR with upside so I took the chance. Decker is my top sleeper this year and Garcon should see plenty of work, so if he fails I think it'll be okay.

    As for Newton-Olsen, I'm higher on their offense this year than most, and due to my league scoring, Newton holds higher value due to his rushing TDs.

    Edit: And yeah, as far as the scoring goes, Kareem Hunt scored 60 points last night lol
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    Sep 2017
    Sorry for spamming this thread, but I can't find a button to create my own. Bummer.

    I actually just signed up because we desperately need a couple more players for Lucky Ladders, football edition (for those who don't know it, it's a fantasy-based weekly mini game). Week 1 thread is up here:


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    Aug 2007
    Pay league 1 10 team 1pt ppr
    QB:*Kirk Cousins,*Jameis Winston
    RB:*Melvin Gordon,*Kareem Hunt,*Tevin Coleman,*Frank Gore,*Paul Perkins
    WR:*A.J. Green,*Tyreek Hill,*Terrelle Pryor,*Davante Adams,*Marvin Jones,*Willie Snead
    TE:*Hunter Henry
    PK:*Matt Prater
    TD:*Atlanta Falcons

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    Hope to see some new posters around here soon.

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    Jul 2010
    The Mecca
    10 team full PPR

    QB - Dak
    RB1 - Bell
    RB2 - Zeke
    WR - Hill
    WR - Parker
    WR - E. Sanders
    TE - Gronk
    Flex - Graham

    Bn - Garcon
    BN - C-Coleman
    BN - Chris Carson
    BN - Kupp
    BN - Josh Gordon ( Have a stuff spot for him. Help me win 2 of 3 leagues in 1 year)
    The First Man To Ever Win The World Title - The Prestige Title - The Chaos Championship in PWW History. I am The Face That Runs The Place Mario Freaking Bellz

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    Oct 2008
    2 starting QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1 nonQB-Flex - standard scoring league. Only 5 bench slots

    QBs: Josh Allen, Jared Goff (hoping for a bounce back), Darnold
    RBs: Aaron Jones, Saquon Barkley, JK Dobbins, M. Henderson
    WRs: Tyreek Hill, TY Hilton, AJ Green, Sterling Shepard, & Mecole Hardman
    TE: Hayden Hurst

    D/ST: Vikings
    K: Matt Prater

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