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Elway needs to dump em both to the bills for Tyrod. Or to the saints for brees or to the chargers for rivers. I'm already tired of talking about these two Qbs that barely show any promise. I saw more promise from Tebow than I have seen out of either of these fools. Sorry I'm just done with the competition and it's only been a week of Pre season.

1 thing on lynch, when he was trying to throw slants to Latimer he put him in dangerous situations 3/4 times that I saw with a poorly thrown ball.

1 thing on Trev, while he "looked" alright and was plagued by penalties. The guy can't ever flat out win a game for us. He doesn't have the instinct to say we are not losing this game. We need 5 yards he will always throw or scramble for 4 yards.

If neither of these guys lead us to the playoffs, elway needs to nut up and trade way up for a legit qb or grab a vet because this is ridiculous.

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This. The Siemian experiment failed last year. Why in the world are we trying it again? And Lynch has been nothing special either.

I just want a damn franchise QB. A guy who you can count on for the next decade. The last true franchise QB we had was Elway, and I'm sick of the revolving door of QB's. If Lynch isn't it, then we NEED to get in position to get one of the big guys next year.... I'm not really in favor of mortgaging all of our picks like the Chiefs and Texans did, but if that's the way it needs to be, so be it.