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    Atlanta Braves Offseason Thread 2017

    Firing up this thread early. Might as well, this season is over. How much of nothing will we do this offseason? Does nothing divided by nothing = something? You can bet your sweet *** we'll all find out this offseason because that's what we Bravos are all about!!!!!! Tipping our hats and standing pat. The glory years have long since passed and seem like a distant memory now. The only time we'll ever see glory years again is when we die and the 90's flash before our eyes, but remember, with that comes aaaaaaaaall the pain and misery of postseason losses. That NEVER ends, just think about last years Falcons.
    1991 Lost WS to Twins 4-3
    1992 Lost WS to Blue Jays 4-2
    1993 Lost NLCS to Phillies 4-2
    1996 Lost WS to Yankees 4-2 (led 2-0)
    1997 Lost NLCS to Marlins 4-2
    1998 Lost NLCS to Padres 4-2
    1999 Lost WS 4-0 to Yankees
    2000 Lost NLDS 3-0 to Cardinals
    2001 Lost NLCS to Diamondbacks 4-1
    2002 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Giants
    2003 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Cubs
    2004 Lost NLDS 3-2 to Astros
    2005 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Astros
    2010 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Giants
    2012 Lost NLWC 1-0 to Cardinals
    2013 Lost NLDS 3-1 to Dodgers

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    Atlanta Braves Offseason Thread 2017

    I'd rather think about my Panthers! I thought you were a Rockies fan?

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    This is silly.

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