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    So Waiters and James Johnson will not be expected for camp or start of season.

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    I don't know in what world Jimmy B is only a B lvl type player but sure.

    As long as we shed salary accordingly, I'm perfectly fine giving Butler a max contract.
    I'd be down with a Winslow / Whiteside / 1st round pick for Butler type trade. Winslow is good, without a doubt. But Butler and Winslow are similar and we'll have to cough up more money for Winslow that we don't have. So better move what we got.

    Wolves, as mentioned before, want to move Dieng in any trade involving Butler. So that Whiteside deal will never happen unless we take Dieng. Because Wolves won't be paying Kat a max salary, Dieng 16M and Whiteside 20M when they all play the same position. Whiteside is obviously more talented and has 1 year less on his deal.
    Dieng is making 16M over the next 3 years... I barely knew the guy, much less did I know he signed a 4 yeard/62M deal extension during the wacky summer of 2016. The only way I take Dieng back in a deal, is if we send Tyler Johnson back to them. Whiteside can't be seen as a salary dump, needs to be seen as talent infusion. KAT and Whiteside can alternate playing the 5 and occasionally KAT can play the 4. It would also make the salary work.

    And Butler is 29. Lebron will be making 41M when he's 36. Chris Paul will make 44M when he's 36. 28-32 is considered prime years. He's not past his prime at all... Butler will be younger and making less in his early 30's. Don't be crazy and just say stuff that's not true to try making a point. I don't remember who it was but you know who you are. lol.

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