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Itís going to be incredibly frustrating if they take the ball out of Justiseís hands after heís shown so much promise at this new position. The team is way better off long term if we ride out this Justise experiment for the rest of the season and see where it takes us
It hasn't taken anything anywhere.

Justise is a role player. He's Tyreke Evans or Evan Turner from a few years ago. A poor man's prime Iguodala.

Nothing that says he's a 2nd or 3rd option on a deep playoff team. Why would the team invest further in him?

Dump him while some team thinks he has potential. The minute he's making $13M he's untradeable except for taking back another bad contract.

If they plan to trade Dragić in the summer they need to showcase he's healthy (pending him opting in). Plus if the plan is to get Dragić to opt out on his own he needs to finish the year strong too. He's not opting out if he's not able to earn another big check.