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    Partisan answers become less partisan if you pay for correct answers.

    Hello Everybody... Haven't been on here for a while, but I came across something tonight that I thought some of you might have interest in. It's a study from about 8 years ago... peer reviewed work.

    The gist of it is in the title here. If you ask liberals about a factual thing, What is the change in unemployment under the first 3 years under trump... They will underestimate the gain. If you ask conservatives they will over estimate it. Likewise if you asked what was the change in the last year of trump, if you are liberal you will over estimate, and conservatives will under estimate it. Essentially we misrepresent the fact to favor our view point.

    Now if you turn around and PAY people for correct answers. The divide between left and right is still there but it get's significantly smaller. The idea being that If I pay you, if I give you an incentive to stop and think about it... you are more likely to report something closer to the truth. Now the article does not address if the non-paid responses are conscious choices to lie, or an unconscious misrepresentation that is driven by the positive feeling of making one's side look good. I really want to figure that out (It's certainly some mixture of the two.... but the degree of each would be fascinating.)

    So I ask... what do you think is this more the cause of this misrepresentation of facts (Y'all ****in' do it) a conscious decision to lie, or unconscious misrepresentation?

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    Very interesting.

    Probably little bit of both, I'd guess more subconscious than conscious. I think that's just how most human behavior is.

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    This study is a trogen horse for socialism (what isn't)

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    I think this suggests something that should be intuitive which is when we let our biases guide our opinions without putting much thought in, we end up with wrong answers.

    Allowing biases to "take over"isnt necasarially bad, because it frees up space in our heads to focus on more important things, but if we're doing something that requires far l ore nuance then this suggests that our biases will lead us wildly off coarse.

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    This study is a trogen horse for socialism (what isn't)
    A cross between Trojans and Rogain?

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