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Brown sure got his minutes in the Pistons series. First game of the Celtics series he got heavy minutes but shot lousy. Then minutes dipped on rest of that series then garbage time for the Raptors series.

Even if he improves and becomes the starter this season. He's RFA next year. Probably end up losing him as well since we got money tied up to the other guys now. Also Giannis needs his max extension pronto then as well.

Worst case scenario is we build up Brown's stock. Then package him with Ersan at the trade deadline. Cause if some team offers him $10M per on a 4 year deal. Doubt we match next summer. So best to get something for him while we can.
Next season we have +12M of cap space + 2M or dead cap becoming alive + 7M off Ilyasova expiring... Plenty to resign Browmn on a 5-6M annual rise... Giannis' contract isn't a problem either... We know we'll pay lux tax two seasons later and hope to take advantage of the lux tax threshold big rises (+ the 5M in dead cap becoming alive) that are coming, as to go back underneath the lux tax threshold 3 seasons later so that we can avoid risking to pay "repeater tax"... That (the repeater tax risk) is 5 seasons later from now... Just after Middleton's contract will have expired... Good timeline planning from Horst on this one...