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    Off-Season 2017 News

    Nothing really fit this, but they were talking about Rudy working on a Jump hook this off-season. Man, if he can hit a hook shot down low he could be the next Kareem. He has the length for it and the agility. Does he have the coordination for it? Could be a great thing for him.

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    If Rudy was gonna ever be a top flight scorer we would already know. He'll never, ever be a great scorer. I'm just glad he's become a guy you have to respect on that end and not a complete liability.

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    yeah you here this every year for big guys and it never happens. I don't really care though Rudy is already awesome.

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    Just because a player makes it look easy doesn't mean he can't dominate. Rudy is a legit threat if his man leaves him, rolling to the rim, and on offensive rebounds. He doesn't need to develop a bunch of isolation moves in the post to be a great offensive player. Anyone that can eventually average 18 + per game while shooting 63% or better is dominating. Nobody else in the NBA can do that. Nobody. That kind of efficiency is elite. Too many fans get caught up with the highlight moves from players that shoot below 45%.

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