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Thread: Steve Kerr

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    Steve Kerr

    I think Kerr is under-rated as a coach. He's not the best Xs/Os guy in the NBA but he's top third. He's an exceptional people manager though, and he's a good talent evaluator and is particularly good at maximizing a players talents. Most people, I think, believe the majority of coaching is the game plan, but it's all of it, from being able to work with a GM to the team and individual psychology and everything in between.

    That said, it's BIIIIG news that Kerr said he plans to coach the Warriors next year and several years in the future.

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    I know what people are going to say....he's not coaching and they are still winning.

    Well...he took Mark Jacksons culture in that locker room and made his own which imo is just as important as coaching.

    Future HOF in my book.

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    He's a great coach. Popovich and Carlisle are the only coaches I can say for sure are better. He's up in that next group with Stevens, Spo, Budenholzer and two personal favorites of mine: Quin Synder and Terry Stotts.

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