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View Poll Results: How good would Jumpin' Joe be in today's league?

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    Jumpin' Joe Fulks: Hall of Fame Legend

    How good do you think NBA Hall of Fame player Joe Fulks would be in today's league? He was 6'5 and played PF... would he be able to bang with today's PFs? Which NBA player would you compare him to?
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    Oh my God..... Don't do it to em RR, nobody deserves this. Once seen it can't be unseen.

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    Would anyone from that era be able to play today? I guess if anyone could, his chance was as good as any. Good size and supposedly super athletic. Obviously not a PF anymore, but how he was coached in HS and college would lead him in a different path position-wise now.

    I don't get the point of the thread though. There's obviously some trolling going on.

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    Yes of course, to shoot 30% for a career with what 7-8 years is a hell of an accomplishment.

    If I drive I'm going to have to have a lot of drinks because I am very self conscious about my driving.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warriors4lyfe12 View Post
    Samhan actually worked out with the warriors in 2010, but elected to go overseas instead of jumping into the NBA to make his game better. Actually i would compare him to a poor mans blake griffin
    Quote Originally Posted by lvdub2741 View Post
    We gave up Monta for a Bogut but we could have kept him gotten someone like Omar Samahan who is just like Bogut and kept Monta.
    Ah, some sports fans

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