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    Jon Robinson and the Titans draft process

    So we have now seen 2 offseasons from Jon Robinson. I'm pleased thus far. They seem to be building a team of guys that are hard working team players and love football. There are things that are standing out as trends in the players they have done after so far.

    Self-made Men

    This is something that Jon Robinson has mentioned in interviews. He likes players that didn't have all the resources or came from smaller programs that had to work even harder to get attention. Guys that had to go the extra mile to get here today.

    Jack Conklin last year was a walk-on at Michigan State and didn't have any D-1 football scholarship offers coming out of high school.

    Corey Davis had his only offer come from Western Michigan. I listened to an interview with Corey Davis before the draft and he talked about Marcus Mariota. He said that he watched film on all the NFL quarterbacks and that Mariota stood out. I found that to be impressive that he studied all the quarterbacks in advance. That sounds like the type of guy that is gonna put in the work to get the job done.

    I tell all these guys when I talk to them, whether they are playing for some big school or some small school, I dont care where you came from, Robinson said after the draft was done. If you can play football, if you can buy into our philosophy, our style of football, then you can play for the Tennessee Titans.

    This has been another big one that has stuck out like a sore thumb. Jon Robinson likes to see production. If the physical metrics are there and you have shown that you can do it on the field in college then why not give it a shot. Makes sense right? There have been some exceptions with guys like Kevin Dodd and Derrick Henry but they were also in situations where they were behind other NFL players on their rosters.

    Jack Conklin started 38 of his 39 career games at Michigan State.

    Austin Johnson was an All-Conference Freshman in 2013 as a rotational player and started every game in 2014 and 2015.

    Kevin Byard started 46 of 49 games at MTSU and left as the schools all-time leader in interceptions/yards/tds, turnovers and finished 6th in tackles.

    Tajae Sharpe started 44 of 47 games at UMass and left as the schools leading receiver after huge Junior and Senior seasons where he had a combined 190 catches for 2600 yards.

    Leshaun Sims missed a game with injury as a Freshman and started every game aside from that during his career at Southern Utah.

    Aaron Wallace played in 49 games and started in 33 of them at UCLA.

    Corey Davis started 50 games at Western Michigan and left as the FBS all-time leading receiver.

    Adoree Jackson started 36 of 39 games at USC including 10 games as a Freshman.

    Taywan Taylor started 7 of 11 games as a Freshman and then started every game his Soph-Senior year. He left with nearly every Western Kentucky receiving record.

    Jonnu Smith started every game during his 4 seasons except for 4 he missed due to injury. He has all the Florida International school receiving records for tight ends and is top 5 in all the receiving records.

    Corey Levin started every game but one during his 4 years at Chattanooga. He was named the top lineman in his conference 2014-2016.

    Josh Carraway was a 3-year starter at TCU and was All Conference Big-12 all 3 years.

    Brad Seaton was a 3-year starter at Villanova. (Go check the highlight reel of this guy he is a bully on the line throwing and slamming guys)

    So yeah I think its safe to say going forward to be looking at guys that got significant time on the field.


    This is one that will be interesting to see more going forward or digging through the stats. I know that with him coming from the Patriots system they have certain metrics and measurements they like for each position. I know they like to use shuttle times for offensive linemen and cone drills for the wide receivers.

    The big one I have seen is yards per route ran. Tajae Sharpe was top 3 in the nation last year in that metric. Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor were 2 and 3 in the nation this year. Rishard Matthews was 3rd in the NFL the season we snagged him in free agency. So that clearly is a metric they look at for receivers.


    We now know that Jon Robinson is gonna work the phones. He pulled off the big trade last year. He was working a deal this year. He said that they had offers on the table and it was reported that the Chiefs and Browns both had deals on the table if Trubisky fell to 5. When the Bears took him at 2 that was when teams stopped calling about deals. They didn't get any interest in the 18th pick.

    But all the same they made moves to get players up and down the board.

    Marcus Mariota

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    I know this is basically on the surface, but he also seem to be a need first kind of guy.

    Last year, our biggest need was OL. He did trade back out of the 1st overall pick, but then traded right back up to pick Conklin. I mean, that was pretty awesome, not only because he landed us a solid prospect of our biggest need, but because he managed to get many more additional picks. Conklin was also great value at that point, especially considering the Tunsil incident.

    This year, our biggest needs being CB and WR, he goes WR and CB in the first round, then doubles down on WR when he trades up for Taylor. However, you can easily make a case for both of our first round picks this year being reaches. Adoree is an interesting, athletic guy with some great upside as a cornerback, who also has the great benefit of being a very dynamic and dangerous returner. But he also definitely needs to work on his technique, and that's not exactly great news, since there are CB prospects who never get that part done, and also because our depth doesn't afford us to bury him as a #3 or #4 guy and allow him the time to develop. Davis is good too, no doubt about that, but it's debatable whether he's even the best WR in this class, not to mention there were a bunch of really solid defensive players available at #5, that were highly regarded as better prospects. It can work out, this is not to say that he was wrong doing what he did, that only time will tell. And I'm not expecting him to ignore on some pretty major needs (protecting Mariota last year, fixing the secondary and getting WR help this year). But having a second Draft experience for him as the shot caller, it definitely looks now like he's predisposed to put a strong emphasis on needs early on, and maybe ignore some of the better prospects.

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    That is also something else I meant to put in the opening. Jon Robinson doesn't beat around the bush. These first two offseasons he has done exactly what he said he was gonna do....

    Last year he said he was gonna build this team from the inside out focusing on winning in the trenches and get some protection for Mariota. He went out and got Ben Jones and drafted Jack Conklin in the 1st round. He traded for Demarco Murray and drafted Derrick Henry in the 2nd round. He drafted DL/LB duo Johnson and Dodd in the 2nd round.

    This year he said the two biggest priorities were cornerback and wide receiver. That they lacked speed down the field on both sides of the ball. That they wanted to get bigger and faster at wide receiver. Corey Davis is bigger and faster than probably all our receivers and Taywan Taylor is probably faster. The big signing was Logan Ryan who is a proven starting cornerback. Then they got Adoree Jackson who brings the speed.

    Speaking of Jon Robinson... If anybody hasn't seen it here is a story about him that is very good. Check out the video. It is at a charity auction to raise awareness/money for diabetes.

    Marcus Mariota

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