Let me preface this by saying the influence for this post is coming from a place of deep depression and hopeless desperation. I also hold very little hope that anyone will actually read this, as this forum is a barren wasteland reminiscent of the Antarctic North Pole in the dead of winter.

For someone as myself who likes to surround himself with unimportant nonsense and uses sports to distract himself from the fact that all things on this Earth are nothing but an illusion, that everything which appears to be alive is simply made to die and nothing that anyone can or will ever do can stop humanity from the inescapable unavoidable fact of death. The Wild losing in the first round after the promise they showed earlier in the season serves nothing but to remind me of the harsh reality that is existence. This is unacceptable. Sports are supposed to be my escape, not a reminder of this reality.

I hold all of those responsible who are responsible for this injustice, whoever they are. This week of introspective thought has been excruciating, but it also has helped me realize that it might be healthier just to deal with reality head-on as opposed to distracting myself from it with sports and other such nonsense and then getting hit by a ton of bricks once the inevitable happens for any professional Minnesota team that does not consist of women.

I sincerely hope that this message can make it out to another one of my fellow humans, but if history is any indication, the chances are bleak. My diligent prayers will be made to the almighty spaghetti monster, but a miracle such as this will most likely require the further assistance of other supernatural beings. I will wait patiently and diligently for a response, but one can only wait for so long. I fear this might be the last time you hear from me, until the next time I post something.

Farewell my friends….