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    Fixing the Lottery

    Teams' tanking has been an issue for a long time and its just getting worse every season. Teams are starting to sit and rest their best players in order to lose games. Its not good for the league and its definitely not good for the fans. I'll exclude the Sixers since they just have terrible luck. They lost Simmons for the season. Embiid had another surgery. Their best player of the year, Covington, goes down and needed surgery. That team may need to replace their training staff.


    The league shouldn't reward teams for being bad because it gives them incentive to do just bad. But there are some ways that can be fixed...

    1. Go back to the lottery system with each team that didn't make the playoffs getting only one 1 ping pong ball in the drawing. And I'd want this done by a 3rd party like Price Waterhouse with no influence from the league at all. And of course, this drawing must be done live. No backroom drawings then announcing the results. Thats just lame.


    2. Just do away with the lottery altogether and have the 14 teams that didn't make the playoffs draft by best record. From best to worst would be the draft order. For example, this year's draft would be:

    1. Miami
    2. Denver
    3. Detroit
    4. Charlotte
    5. New Orleans
    6. Dallas
    7. Sacramento
    8. New York
    9. Minnesota
    10. Orlando
    11. Philadelphia
    12. Los Angeles Lakers
    13. Phoenix
    14. Brooklyn

    I know, its backwards, but this will make teams that aren't playoff bound to actually want to compete at the end of the season. No one wants to watch the Kings vs. Lakers in April, but if they're going to be out there battling with all their best players with something to play for, people will tune in.


    3. Keep the same lottery system they have now but the best of the non-playoff teams get the best chance to win the #1 pick instead of the worst. Again,this will make teams want to compete for an entire season and will rid the whole tanking issue.

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    I've said the same thing for a while now:

    Lottery out the top 3 picks, tier the teams off in groups of 5.

    Lottery off the top pick to start:
    Tier 1 is the 5 worst teams
    Tier 2 is the 5 middle teams
    Tier 3 is the 4 "best" teams plus the worst team from the playoffs (imagine that tanking, enough to be in the playoffs not enough to drop out)

    Now the incentive to be the worst team is lower.

    For pick 3 - Tier 1 gets, 12% odds each. Tier 2 gets 5% odds each. Tier 3 teams get 3% odds each.

    The left over odds for pick 2 (meaning the team picked) gets redistributed to tier 1, as well as the other 2 tiers losing 1% odds per team. The idea of the tiers below tier 1 getting lesser odds with each better pick is to lessen the chance of 1-2-3 coming from tier 2 and 3 only and bumping 3 teams from tier 1 pick range to tier 2 pick range.

    So for pick two, the odds shift to 14% tier 1, 4% tier 2, 2% tier 3. And then either 12% (for pick 3 from tier 1) gets re-distributed to tier 1, 5% from tier 3 goes to tier 1, or 3% from tier 3 goes to tier 1.

    Then do the same thing for pick #1 with the odds redistribution.

    What this does is instead of teams racing for the absolute worst record, they are trying to just be in a range of 5 teams, meaning the "tanking" happens in those in between places. But at those levels your odds for a higher pick are still better than they were before the change.

    You're never going to fully get rid of tanking. It will always be part of every sport. But in basketball where one or two players can be a huge difference in contender or pretender, there will always be a reason to suck for the best pick.


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    Exactly as it is now, but don't allow a team to be top 3 two years in a row. If the team that got a top 3 pick the year before end up in the top 3 again after the lottery they move down 3 spots (1 to 4, 2 to 5, 3 to 6).

    Allocation of trade protections are after the adjustment ... if a team was top 3 protected one year and get a top 3 pick. If they were top 5 protected the next year and finished 3rd and their pick was moved down to 6, then the protection doesn't apply.

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