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    Titans released Jason McCourty

    Wow kind of a surprising move, maybe they will resign him too a cheaper deal

    Titans 2018 Draft Class

    22. Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama
    41. Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College
    152. Dane Cruikshank, S, Arizona
    199. Luke Falk, QB, Washington State

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    He had a nice run for us, unfortunately it didn't last that long. Wish him all the best in the future, but I don't know what this means for our plans. At this point, sure he wouldn't have been a great starter either way, but at least would've been one. I'm not so sure we can afford to pass on Lattimore at 5 anymore.

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    The move isn't necessarily surprising. The timing on the other hand, very odd. The only reasoning that would make sense is they didn't want him to suffer an injury that would vest the guaranteed money. I've seen the theory of them just doing him a solid before the draft. I'd like to believe that's the case, but I don't buy it. I agree that Lattimore is a very real scenario with #5 at this point. I honestly think they need to leave the 1st and 3rd with a Cornerback in each round. Unless they really believe in Sims and Reed.

    Heroes In Blue

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    Jeesh man...really! I didn't love the guy but, why? We have the damn cap space and he's a starting corner...maybe not a #1 but dang.

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    Yeah this is a move that I kind of expected on some level but I didn't think it would happen until cuts. Hell Jon Robinson even recently said after free agency that there wouldn't be any roster cuts until after training camp because they want as competitive a camp as possible and the chance to field the best 53-man roster.

    Another thing is that I would have waited until after the draft. Because the Titans were already looking at cornerbacks pretty heavy and now teams know we are gonna be going cornerback at some point early. You don't want to give teams a reason to hard ball you in negotiations or possibly be looking at jumping you for a player at the same position.

    I would tend to believe that there are 4 realistic scenarios and I will rank them in order of likeliness in my opinion.

    (1) They are about to start team activities and they were worried about him getting hurt and locking in his salary knowing he was a potential cut candidate.

    (2) With it now being known that they asked him to take a pay cut and he refused its likely that one or both parties felt it was best to go ahead and part ways. He might have asked them for his release knowing it was unlikely for him to make the roster anyways.

    (3) The Titans might be working on a deal to bring in another cornerback via a trade. Somebody like Richard Sherman. But if they were gonna do this they have the cap space to afford to wait until the deal is done.

    (4) They were just doing JMac a favor by allowing him to have a better market before teams use the draft to fill their needs. I would say this was more of a benefit to the timing than the actual reason.

    Just while on the subject I think the Titans will be looking at cornerback at 18 or if they move back from that spot. I say that because they have brought in a handful of mid-late 1st round or early 2nd round prospects at the position.

    Gareon Conley
    Chidobe Awuzie
    Marlon Humphrey
    Obi Melifonu
    Adoree Jackson

    But far well to JMac. He was a class act and one of the only consistently good players we had in the last 10 years.

    Marcus Mariota

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